Online – 3 hour Interactive Workshop

8 February, 2021

Understanding & Harnessing the Mind-Body Connection with Dr David Hamilton

Would you like to:

✅ Understand how belief shifts brain chemistry
✅ Learn the impact of meditation on the brain and body
✅ Learn how emotions can trap in the body and simple methods for releasing them
✅ Learn how kindness affects blood vessels, the immune system, and even the ageing process
✅ Learn how visualisation has physical effects in the brain and body
✅ Learn how to harness the mind-body connection to improve health and wellbeing and even help facilitate recovery from injury and illness? 


✅ conclude our workshop with a final guided meditation by David to take you into the week and if you’re in Oz, possibly drift off to sleep.

In this workshop, David will share the science underlying the mind-body connection. You will learn about the placebo effect and how it works, how mind and emotions physically impact the body in multiple ways, and specific techniques for harnessing the mind-body connection to optimise health and wellbeing.

David will also share meditation techniques for specifically activating mind-body effects, and visualisations strategies to aid health and recovery that are based on successful ones used by people all around the world that helped them recover from injury and ill health.

By attending this workshop, you will gain a thorough understanding of the mind-body connection and how it works, plus learn specific strategies for putting the understanding into practice in your life or, if you are a coach or therapist, for assisting clients.

Special guest, Dr Peta Stapleton, world renowned EFT researcher, will moderate the workshop with live Q & A. This is your opportunity to talk live with David. 

David supported MHC by presenting in person at our 2017 & 2019 conferences on the Gold Coast and we know his big heart and sense of humour will ensure a very educational and entertaining three hours together.



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  • Event recording
  • Handouts
  • Certificate of Attendance for professional development hours.


  • $30 for those financially impacted by COVID
  • $60 for full time students
  • $95 EARLY BIRD (closes 17th January, 2021)
  • $125 from 18th January, 2021

NOTE: If you’re unable to join us live, as long as you’re registered you will receive the inclusions.

By attending this event, you’re also supporting the work of the Mind Heart Connect Foundation.

Bio: David has a PhD in organic chemistry and formerly developed drugs in the pharmaceutical industry for cardiovascular disease and cancer. Inspired by the placebo effect, he left the industry to educate people around the impact of mind and emotions on health and wellbeing. He is now author of 10 books and is featured in the Netflix documentary, HEAL. He has also been featured on live TV shows like CBS Sunday Morning in the USA and Sunday Brunch Live in the UK.

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Spa for the Soul Immersion Retreat with Dr Lori Leyden

2021/2022 – Date to be advised – Northern Rivers region of New South Wales

Outrageous Grace: Activating the Alchemy of Your Heart to Heal Yourself, Our Children and Our World with The Grace Process & EFT/Tapping

This is your opportunity to spend 5 days with Dr Leyden for this residential retreat in the northern rivers region of New South Wales!

As the Grace Process resonance expands, the opportunity for these 5 sacred days together has emerged, allowing us to immerse in the process. Staying on site, we’ll share meals, love and laughter throughout the weekend. This is a rare opportunity to reconnect with your true self in an intimate and supportive environment.

Lori will lead you through her uniquely practical, transformative, Grace Process for becoming your most authentic, heart-centered self, expanding your professional mastery and stepping into your destiny.

If you believe in the possibility of becoming a new Divine human, or if you are already experiencing yourself there, come play with other heart-aligned transformers to alchemise and expand the Divine being you are and are becoming, in a resonance field of all possibilities.

This retreat experience is right for you if you are:

  • A heart-centered transformational healer, teacher, coach, social entrepreneur or change-maker who is committed to your own healing and yearn for more heart expansion, meaning and impact in your life, your work and in our world.
  • Already on a spiritual path and begun healing your essential wounds
  • Willing to have fun and see the cosmic jokes as well as miracles and gifts that abound on our journey.
  • Open to surrendering to the mystery of your journey into the dream of what this life can be.
  • Experience a deep inner knowing that you have something powerful and purposeful to accomplish in this lifetime but you’ve only manifested a fraction of what you yearn for.
  • Feel stuck in unresolved wounds that fuel self-doubt and limit your beliefs and actions to realise your unique destiny.
  • Sometimes feel alone, disconnected and/or ashamed of wanting or having big dreams for yourself and our world.
  • Feel restless with yearning and urgency to have more meaning, fulfilment and greater impact.


Bio: Lori Leyden, PhD, MBA is an internationally known trauma healing professional, transformational speaker and mentor who courageously follows her heart, makes dreams become a reality and inspires others to do the same. With her unique brand of heart-centered humility, humor and grace, Dr. Leyden finds the miracles that are possible out of tragedy and has brought comfort, peace and hope to thousands from Rwanda to Sandy Hook, Connecticut and most recently with Australian Indigenous people and refugees and others around the world. Recently inducted into the Global Evolutionary Leaders Council, Lori serves trauma survivors as well as heart-centered healers, teachers, coaches, social entrepreneurs and change-makers who are committed to their own healing and yearn for more meaning and impact in their lives, their work and in our world.

Like candy for the soul. A sweet rush appealing to the little child within. Never before have I felt so safe to be so real, so vulnerable and so accepting of myself and others. I left a lighter person with less intention and a fuller heart.


This retreat is a truly amazing and transformational journey. Going into it I felt a bit scared and vulnerable but Lori created the safest and most nurturing environment allowing me to have a deeply profound healing experience. The Grace process is truly graceful. Everything about this weekend was beautiful and magical. I am so grateful I followed my heart and attended the weekend.


If you’re looking for love do a Spa for the Soul Retreat - life changing - life affirming - don’t hesitate, just do it! XOXOXOX


Dr Lori Leyden’s Grace Process is an exquisitely elegant formula for developing a deep understanding of one’s self. Lori leads everyone through the process with such insight, compassion and delicious humour. Attending Lori’s Spa for the Soul Retreat is one of the greatest gifts you could give yourself.


Lori Leyden is a magician of the heart. She works miracles. How does she do this? By opening the hearts of others. She is creating “conscious evolutionary heart leaders.” She goes to places of the most outrageous pain and suffering such as Rwanda. There she cultivates healing groups among people who have suffered deeply from violence. There she helps to heal the wounded and fearful and trains them in loving leadership. This is a symbol of what is needed on Earth. Her mentoring course: “Outrageous Grace: Activate the Alchemy of Your Heart to Heal Yourself, Others and Our World is actually THE most needed course that we all should take. Thank you Lori for your courage, brilliance and dynamic heart leadership!

Barbara Marx HubbardFuturist, Author & Public Speaker