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Some years ago when I was teaching a group of Year 11 students how to use tapping for things like exam anxiety and fear of failure, one of the students asked about using tapping for goals. So we taught them the EFT technique for goal setting.

All the students wrote down a list of goals they wanted and then a list of excuses or reasons the goals might not come true. One of them volunteered to tap with me as a demonstration. He really wanted to become the School Captain for the final year of school (the following year).

His list of reasons that he might NOT become school captain were:

– No one really knows me as I am quiet
– I haven’t been at the school for the whole time (he came in Year 10)
– I don’t know if I can give a good enough speech at the assembly where potential students vied for the position (for voting)
– I have never really won anything before, why would I win now

We used those exact statements and put them in the formula (Even though…) – and tapped our way through them. The other students tapped along with us. We got to the end and he felt pretty relaxed. I asked what his BELIEF was now that he might become the school captain, and he said 10/10! He didn’t feel like there was any doubt left in him.

Obviously he still had to give the speech at the assembly later that year and then be voted in. I suggested he use tapping leading into that event, in case he was nervous or doubtful.

About 8 months later, and into the following year, I had just about forgotten about that student and his goal. But I ran into a teacher from the school. This triggered my memory and I asked about who was school captain that year.

You’ll never guess who they said (that student above).

And I just laughed.

(If you’d like some resources to get your teen interested, here’s a starting point.)

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