The Science Behind Tapping: The 4th Wave – Dr Peta Stapleton


The Science Behind Tapping/2 hour video presentation (Certificate for 2 hrs CPD provided): Learn how this body-based stress management technique is applied and the research demonstrating its effectiveness, from Australia’s Psychologist of the Year 2019!

With mindfulness and meditation programs now widely implemented in most settings, whether it be education or corporate, we are also witnessing a hunger for research outcomes on these techniques and the birth of ‘4th wave’ therapies such as EFT/Tapping.

There is good reason why we are at the tipping point for tapping!

Dr Stapleton is Australia’s leading Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Tapping researcher and has led numerous world-first clinical trials, including a brain scan study. If you have ever wanted to learn the science and research (including the genetic and physiological studies) behind Tapping, this is the session to watch.

During the presentation Peta overviews the complete clinical EFT Tapping process and how to apply it, and the Australian and international research and evidence that has been conducted on applying it to weight and food issues, PTSD, depression, anxiety and more.

The session is practical, hands-on (you will learn the technique) and fun! If you are already proficient in EFT, this is a wonderful video to hear the latest news and updates in the world of research! In addition to this, you will witness EFT real time, with the latest in biofeedback technology.