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Clinical EFT Improves Multiple Physiological Markers of Health.

This banner is designed to display in your consulting rooms, or take with you to exhibitions and workshops, illustrating the effectiveness of Clinical EFT.  The price here reflects that you may produce as many banners as you like (unlimited!). Approximate USD price $24. The size of the banner is standard, yet unique for each market (AUS, USA & UK). The file is limited in number of downloads, so please save to a device that is safe.

The file specifications have been created and are suitable to order through Vistaprint Australia, USA & the UK. IMPORTANT: On purchase you will download all three files, so please ensure when placing your order with Vistaprint, you provide the correct file for your market. This is shown on the file name extension.

Here are the links to each market’s Visaprint.

VISTAPRINT AUSTRALIA – Pull Up Banners – Economy or Premium – 85cm x 206cm

VISTAPRINT USA – Retractable Banners – Premium – 33” x 86”

VISTAPRINT UK – Roller Banners – Economy or Premium – 85cm x 200cm

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