Looking for impressive marketing tools?

Factual graphics to support your business...

With limited time & resources, would you like to;

  • Download educational infographics backed by research
  • Access marketing flyers to share with others and posters for your consulting rooms
  • Have professional pull up banners for workshops and exhibitions
  • Download files once, print as many copies as and when you would like and as often as you like
  • Purchase the Bundle Pack and brand with your own domain name on all files, at no extra charge

Explore the options below and we’ll get you started!

If you're serious about your business, this pack is for you! You have access to all files and are able to personalise each file with your website address at no extra cost. This is only offered on the product bundle, not individual products.


The statistical evidence of the efficacy of EFT positions the technique and myself in a persuasive position in front of any audience.


These resources have been invaluable tools for my business growth and personal confidence.


The pull up banner is a show stopper! Thanks Mind Heart Connect.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Do these prices include printing?

Can I customise a single file with my website address?

How can I print the files once I have downloaded  them?

Why are there only two different graphics to choose from?

 I would like to know how much it will cost to print multiple copies of these files. Where are the links for VistaPrint, so I can explore?

 Which countries have these files been designed for?