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Learn how to maximise your performance by hearing from experts in evidence-based practices of the mind-body-heart connection.

As we work to unlock our potential to go beyond what we could achieve before, we can be challenged by limiting thoughts, beliefs and past emotions. This resistance can keep us from holding the unlimited possibilities of our future.

You can believe more in your future than you do in your past.

We can help you discover new, simple therapeutic tools to use – anytime, anywhere – to successfully affect and alter your brain to access more of its potential.

As you master these tools, you’ll learn how to break out of the ordinary to jump into the extraordinary.

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Evidence-Based Practices

Learn scientifically-validated, easy-to-access therapeutic tools for both you and your clients.

World-Class Speakers

Hear from leading professional experts in the mind-body-heart connection via specialised workshops, inspiring presentations and tailored master classes.

Improved Health and Wellness

Discover how to become your own epigenetic engineer by affecting the biochemical balance of your body for increased health and wellness.


Mind Heart Connect | Creating Resilient Lives

Gold Coast, Australia 3-5 May 2019