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28th-30th April 2023

Mind Heart Connect


A 3 Day Transformational Event featuring World Leading Experts in the Mind-Body-Heart space.


Mind Heart Connect - Creating Resilient Lives
Fri 28th- Sun 30th April 2023
Melbourne, Australia.
Up to 18 CPD hours. Endorsed by ACN & ACA.


Inspiring presentations & specialised workshops in leading-edge techniques, therapies & evidence-based practices to support emotional & physical wellbeing.


Final days to secure your spot, including a 1 day Virtual ticket for Saturdays keynote speakers. If you can't join us live, you'll still receive the recording!


We are a passionate team committed to delivering proven, practical tools and techniques that support individuals for their body, mind and spirit.


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Registrations closed

Mind Heart Connect

28th-30th April 2023

The Mind Heart Connect conference aim is to bring together world experts in the fields of energy psychology, mind-body and energy medicine. This conference is sure to open your mind and heart into a world filled with possibility. Let’s create together a world where we feel empowered to embrace and embody practices that support us in body, mind and spirit.

During this event you will explore and engage in modalities, therapies and evidence-based practices through inspiring presentations and specialised workshops. You’ll come away with techniques you can implement immediately, reducing stress levels and increasing your vitality, joy and abundance.

Whether you are a health professional, counsellor, educator, complimentary therapist, coach or simply someone with a genuine interest in wellbeing, this event is for you. We know you’ll leave the weekend with the latest knowledge and skills that support you, feeling inspired and empowered.

As wellness approaches such as mindfulness, meditation and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT/Tapping) become increasingly embraced in mainstream, the growing clinical acceptance of the Mind-Body-Heart connection across the world represents a major therapeutic paradigm shift.

Emerging post pandemic there’s never been a more prudent time to explore these offerings.

The conference is not simply for us, but for the greater good. When we create our lives from a place of knowledge and connectedness, our energy and resonance impacts everyone with whom we come in contact with. Connections with family, friends, in our workplace or community groups, how we show up in the world truly makes a difference in the lives of others.


Topics covered with leaders in evidence-based practices and emerging therapies include the fields of energy psychology, mind-body and energy medicine.
  • EFT/Tapping

  • Meditation/Mindfulness

  • Self Hypnosis

  • Energy Medicine

  • Psychedelics Therapeutic Use

  • Art Therapy/Neurographica

  • Personality/Health Systems

  • Conscious Creation

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World Leading Experts

Our event provides opportunities to explore and be educated by leaders in evidence-based practices and emerging therapies of the mind, body, and heart connection through inspiring presentations and specialised workshops.

Dr Kim D’Eramo (US)

Physician, author & founder of the American Institute of MindBody Medicine

Dr Kim D’Eramo is a physician, bestselling author of The MindBody Toolkit, and founder of The American Institute of MindBody Medicine. She received her board certification in Emergency Medicine and attended residency at Emory University. Kim has studied and practiced MindBody Medicine for decades after having experienced a severe anxiety disorder and later a severe autoimmune disease. She resolved both through self-healing after doctors told her she would be on medications for life. Kim now assists individuals and practitioners all over the world to resolve illnesses and access the highest possibilities for vitality and abundance. She shares a weekly live international MindBody TV broadcast and can be found at

Dr Mike Dow (US)

Brain health expert, author, hypnotherapist and psychedelic-assisted Psychotherapist

Dr. Mike Dow aims to help people dig deep into the subconscious, providing the insight they need to create peace, understanding and change. He is a New York Times bestselling author, brain health expert, hypnotherapist and psychedelic-assisted psychotherapist. In the US, he has hosted many popular therapy shows like TLC’s Freaky Eaters, TLC’s My 600-lb Life Reunion, and Disney+’s Family Reboot. Mike is the author of The Ketamine Breakthrough, Your Subconscious Brain Can Change Your Life, The Sugar Brain Fix, The Brain Fog Fix and others. He practices ketamine-assisted psychotherapy and hypnosis at Field Trip, the world’s largest provider of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy.

Dondi Dahlin (US)

Eden Energy Medicine Educator, Author & Speaker

Dondi was raised Energy Medicine. She wrote The Little Book of Energy Medicine with her mom and renowned Energy Medicine pioneer, Donna Eden. She also wrote the international bestseller, The Five Elements and has been featured as a speaker and teacher with Hay House, Shift, Mindvalley, ACEP, and OMEGA Institute where she taught Middle Eastern Dance and the Chinese Five Elements for 20 years. As a member of the Screen Actors Guild, Dondi has performed for four decades and in over 30 countries on stage and in television and film. She is an award-winning speaker, author, dancer, actress, and teacher. Dondi is also a mom and homeschools her son while travelling the world to speak about Eden Energy Medicine and the Five Elements.

Prof Craig Hassed OAM

Meditation, mindfulness, mind-body medicine expert

Professor Craig Hassed OAM has worked with the Faculty of Medicine at Monash University since 1989 but now teaches into many faculties as coordinator of mindfulness programs across Monash and the Director of Education at the Monash Centre for Consciousness and Contemplative Studies (M3CS). His teaching, research and clinical interests include mindfulness, mind-body medicine and lifestyle medicine. Craig has authored 120 papers in peer-reviewed journals and published 14 books and 17 book chapters. He is regularly invited to speak and run courses in Australia and overseas in health, educational, government and corporate contexts. He is patron of Meditation Australia, a regular media commentator and co-authored the world’s two leading mindfulness massive open online courses in collaboration with Monash University and FutureLearn. In 2019 Craig was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) for services to Medicine.

Carol Look

Psychotherapist, EFT Master and laser focused abundance coach

Carol Look is an author, speaker, coach, intuitive energy healer, and creator of her signature coaching method, The Yes Code. Carol is a founding EFT Master, and combines her traditional training as a psychotherapist with clinical hypnosis and advanced applications of EFT for unprecedented results with her clients. Known for her laser-like focus, Carol coaches clients to release their limiting beliefs and emotional conflicts about success so they can reach their maximum potential. Carol is a world-renowned EFT workshop presenter and has taught workshops globally. Carol offers her Diamond Breakthrough Program and her VIP Coaching option for people who are passionate about leading lives of exceptional success.

Dr. Peta Stapleton

Registered Clinical and Health Psychologist & world leading EFT researcher

Dr Peta Stapleton is a registered clinical/health Psychologist and Associate Professor, Bond University (Australia) who embraces evidence-based and innovative techniques. Peta is a world-leading researcher in Emotional Freedom Techniques (‘Tapping’) and led a world first study investigating brain changes after EFT. She was awarded the Harvey Baker Research Award for meticulous research (Association of Comprehensive Energy Psychology), and was named 2019 Psychologist of the Year (Australian Allied Health Awards). Peta has authored The Science Behind Tapping: A Proven Stress Management Technique for the Mind and Body (Hay House), which won Best Self-Help Book (2019 Best Book Awards, American Book Fest).

Dr. Lori Leyden (US)

Trauma healing professional, transformational leader & spiritual guide

Dr. Lori Leyden, PhD, MBA is an internationally known trauma healing expert and spiritual guide. Dr. Leyden works in traumatized communities who have experienced genocide, war and school shootings. She also mentors successful leaders and influencers committed to becoming heart-centered leaders in service to global healing. She is the developer of The Grace Process®, Founder of the non-profit Create Global Healing and Producer of the award-winning documentary, When I Was Young I Said I Would Be Happy. Dr. Leyden is a member of the Global Evolutionary Leaders Council and Association of Transformational Leaders as well as an Evidence Based EFT Trainer.

Fiona McGary

Professional Stand-Up Comedian & HUMOUR advocate

Over the past 15 years Fiona’s workshops and courses have helped 1000’s of people improve their confidence, crack their own creative codes, break through their fears to create a brand new Humour mindset that allows it to be utilized as powerful point of connection and creation. Fiona’s obsession with understanding this mysterious force, along with her desire to help others harness the amazing power of humour in their lives, lead her to develop her Grow With Humour course and become a sought after personal and professional development speaker on the topic of humour and creating change in our personal and professional lives. Fiona’s performances have been part of The Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Adelaide Fringe Festival, Woodford Folk Festival, and The Sydney Comedy Festival.

Kate Helder

Social Entrepreneur, Co-founder of MHC & the MHC Foundation.

Kate has spent over 30 years in private enterprise and has successfully managed a number of businesses. In 2016 she established the events company Mind Heart Connect with Dr Peta Stapleton, to raise awareness of the mind-heart-body link. As a social entrepreneur, Kate was one of the first in this sector to recognise the unmet need in the community for effective complimentary therapies for frontline care givers. This was inspired through her collaboration with trauma healing expert, Dr Lori Leyden (US), leading to the creation, in 2018, of the Mind Heart Connect Foundation to address this need. In addition to her business interests, she holds yet another passion to support individuals and leaders with their desire to delve more deeply into their inner world, becoming fully expressed versions of themselves.

Kirsty Mitchell

Art Therapist & Neurographica specialist

Throughout my career in the hopes and dreams field I have worked developmentally with individuals, teams, and groups to achieve change, moving from where they are to where they want to be. For the past 20+ years this has been in career development, and I am currently expanding my practice to include creative and expressive approaches to working well and recovering better with a deliberate and intentional focus on mental health and wellbeing in work. This is enhanced through the completion of a Masters in Mental Health, Art Therapy from UQ, my research focus is on work recovery and stress reduction using creative and expressive techniques. I integrate a diverse range of therapeutic tools and approaches to work holistically and creatively using a trauma and neuroscience informed approach with clients to achieve their goals. I am a trained specialist in Neurographica, neuro – brain, graphica – line, in a symbolic art making method that is dynamic and transformative.

Mitch Gainey

EBEFT Practitioner, Trainer, Counsellor & Coach

Mitch is a EBEFT practitioner and trainer who has worked extensively in with young people, refugees, and others from high trauma backgrounds in Australia, UK, India, South Africa, Mozambique, and Brazil. With qualifications in community development and counselling, he is passionate about professionals and the broader community gaining access to skills that can sustain them in “the work” and provide effective, lasting, and safe resolution from primary and vicarious trauma. Mitch draws on applied psychology and neuroscience to help people better understand how their brain works and helps them achieve their goals.

Michelle McCosker

EBEFT Practitioner, Trainer & Naturopath

Michelle is an EBEFT Practitioner and Trainer who specialises in working with women and couples having fertility issues, pregnancy concerns and birth trauma using EFT, Matrix Reimprinting and Matrix Birth Reimprinting. Michelle completed a Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy in 2011 and has been in private practice since then. EFT has since become Michelle’s preferred treatment method in her clinic. Michelle is lead facilitator for delivery of psychoeducation and psychological intervention for clinical research trials for Cancer patients and Chronic Pain patients for Dr Peta Stapleton, through Bond University on the Gold Coast. Michelle’s experience also extends to teaching educators how to use and implement EFT for themselves and the children.
Number Of Presenters
Number of Workshops
Weeks to Event
CPD Hours
Mind Heart Connect Melbourne

A 3 Day Transformational Event

Inspiring Presentations

Delivered by a broad group of well renowned international and local experts


Content rich with practical applications delivered in a half-day format, ensuring a high skill level is developed


With participants and presenters during the welcome cocktail function, book signings and around the exhibitor area


Engage with the team at the Mind Heart Connect Foundation to learn about their work supporting communities with EFT/Tapping


Develop new skills, expand your mind-heart-connections and share your ideas and services

Giveaways & More

Delegate satchel and prizes throughout the event for all attendees. One lucky Event Winner drawn on the final day.

Event Program

Dependent on your schedule, join us in person for either 2 or 3 days! If in person is out of the question, secure a Virtual Day pass for the Saturday line up. Expand the tabs below for keynote, workshop topics and full program details. When you’ve reviewed the full details, if you’re still unsure who to select for your workshops, you’ll find brief videos by each presenter here. If you’d like to see it all on one page, view the Event Timetable here.

In addition, here is an event overview to pass onto a friend, colleague or to assist you in convincing your boss!

Day 1 | Mind Heart Connect

As a VIP ticket holder and investing three days of your time, you’ll join us for an exclusive start to your weekend with our half day workshops theme, ‘Explore’.

Friday’s focus is exploring proven methods and techniques that are not always front of mind, yet so vital to support you in body, mind and spirit.

These half day workshops provide an opportunity to immerse yourself in the teaching and learnings of these two experts from 9am – 5pm. 

To cap off a wonderful day, you’re invited to our Welcome Cocktail function, commencing at 5.15pm where you will have the opportunity to meet and chat with the event’s presenters and team.

Registration from 8am, morning tea included.


Dr Kim D’EramoTapping Into Your Power to Create A New World

Dondi DahlinThe Power of the Five Elements; The World’s Oldest Personality Type System…and Health System too!

Day 2 | Mind Heart Connect

Join us as we hear from our compelling keynote speakers – 8.30am – 5pm.

This will be an inspirational, energised and thought-provoking day, exploring the wonders of mind-body-heart connections. Hosted by our MC, well known comedian Fi McGary, is sure to keep us on the edge of our seats.

Spanning from heart felt, life-changing events to scientific research, they will heighten our awareness and provide practical solutions, illustrating the value of their specialties.

During the breaks you will enjoy connecting with and gaining insight from our exhibitors as they share their products, experience and knowledge.

Book signings will also be scheduled during these breaks.

During the lunch break, you have the option to attend a Sound Bathing experience in the auditorium.

Registration from 7.30am.


Dr. Mike Dow |The Emerging Research and Therapeutic use of Psychedelics

Dr. Peta Stapleton |The Latest from the EFT Research World: Meridians are Actually Physical

Dondi Dahlin| The Nine Energy Systems – Your Energy Anatomy and the Interrelated Systems that Determine your Vibrancy, Health, and Joy

Dr. Craig Hassed|Mindfulness – How Not to be Driven to Distraction by the Modern World

Carol Look |Create Abundance Now Daily Practices for Powerful Result

Dr. Lori Leyden & Kate Helder | Heart~Healing~Humanity – Panel session

Dr Kim D’Eramo |Ultimate Creation: Generating the Energy to Manifest Your Highest Life


Day 3 | Mind Heart Connect

Our final day promises to be a highlight as we commence at 8.30am.

Building on insights and knowledge shared by our keynote speakers, Sunday will provide you with additional practical skills and techniques as you immerse yourself in specialised half-day workshops.

Setting the scene for a creative and expansive day, our in-house comedian and MC, Fiona McGary will be sure to energise us during our opening session in the main arena, as she delivers ‘Laughter is Medicine, a daily dose!’. You won’t want to miss this, especially if you want to go in the running as our 2023 Event Winner! (We’ll have further details for you as we lead into the event).

You’ll then break out into your selected half-day workshops, where you can choose two when booking (one in the morning & one after lunch).

Our lunchtime meditation offering provides an opportunity to take a little extra time out for yourself should you choose.

At the conclusion of the day we regroup for a dynamic and uplifting closing by Dr. Lori Leyden, Kate Helder and Dr. Peta Stapleton, the co-founders of Mind Heart Connect and announce our Event Winner.


EBEFT Trainers | Introduction to Emotional Freedom Techniques for Stress Relief (AM ONLY)

Dr Lori Leyden | Finding Humour and Cosmic Winks to Supercharge your Spiritual Journey (PM ONLY)

Carol LookSuccess Is No Accident: Clearing Energetic Clutter to Allow Success into Your Life (AM & PM)

Dr Mike Dow | Learn Self-Hypnosis to Create Health, Wealth & Happiness (AM & PM)

Kirsty Mitchell | How Art Therapy Can Enhance Your EFT Practice (AM & PM)

Virtual Event Access

If there is one thing the pandemic illustrated in the events world, that was the success of live streaming! We know Australia is a long journey should you live in the northern hemisphere, so this year we bring the main day of keynote speakers directly to you in the comfort of your own home.

Not only will it be live streamed, you’ll have lifetime access to the recording. So go on, take a look at the line up for Saturday 29th April. Don’t stress about time zones, if you can’t join us live, you’ll have the recording to watch at your leisure.

Event Venue

Sofitel Melbourne on Collins

25 Collins Street, Melbourne. Vic. 3000

Sofitel Melbourne On Collins is at the Paris end of Collins Street, in the heart of the city’s premier shopping, dining and theatre district. This award-winning hotel has luxurious rooms that begin from level 36 offering breathtaking views from floor-to-ceiling windows. For meetings and events, Sofitel Melbourne On Collins is one of the city’s most comprehensive integrated hotel conference venues. A key attraction to this venue is the plush, fully tiered auditorium, where we will spend the majority of our time together.

Make A Booking at Sofitel Melbourne on Collins

We have secured a conference bed and breakfast rate when pre-booked. Alternate accommodation options can be found under FAQ.

Make A Booking

Event Highlight

Previous Mind Heart Connect Event

Our second transformational event was held on the Gold Coast in 2019. Over 300 people attended our 3 day forum which included speakers like Dr David Hamilton, Dr Joe Dispenza, Tom Cronin and more. This video will give you a feel for our events.

Pricing Information

Registrations for Mind Heart Connect, Melbourne have now officially closed.

If you have missed the registration cut off and would still like to attend the in person event on Saturday and Sunday, please email [email protected] 

VIRTUAL TICKETS available until Wednesday 26th April!


$ 995

2 Day Pass
  • 2 Day Pass (Sat & Sun)
  •  Main-stage presentations
  •  Lifetime access to Saturday’s presentation recording
  •  EFT/Tapping workshops & additional workshops on Sunday (select on checkout) 
  • Morning tea each day
  •  Additional lunch time activities
  • Access to exhibitor resources & book signings
  • Certificate of Attendance – 12 hours CPD


$ 1435

3 Day Pass
  • 3 Day Pass (Fri, Sat & Sun)
  • Half Day Exclusive Workshops
  • Main-stage presentations with preferred seating
  • Lifetime access to Saturday’s presentation recording
  • EFT/Tapping workshops & additional workshops (select on checkout) 
  • Morning tea each day
  • Additional lunch time activities
  • Access to exhibitor resources & book signings
  • Welcome Cocktail Function Friday evening
  • Certificate of Attendance – 18 hours CPD
  • Bonus Resources valued at $714


$ 595

2 Day Pass
  • 2 Day Pass (Sat & Sun)
  • Main-stage presentations
  • Lifetime access to Saturday’s presentation recording
  • EFT/Tapping workshops & additional workshops on Sunday (select on checkout) 
  • Morning tea each day
  • Additional lunch time activities
  • Access to exhibitor resources & book signings
  • Certificate of Attendance – 12 hours CPD

*Financial Hardship also qualifies (Limited in Number)



$ 195

Online Day Pass
  • Live-stream of Main-stage presentations on Saturday 29th April
  • Lifetime access to the recording
  • Certificate of Attendance – 6 hours CPD

Got Questions?

Find answers to our frequently asked questions on our FAQ page


By attending this event you are supporting the work of the Mind Heart Connect Foundation

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Event Sponsors/ Partners

Limited sponsorship/exhibitor opportunities available. Contact the event organiser for details.

Are you ready to Create?

Mind Heart Connect April 28th-30th, 2023

Melbourne, Australia.

Give yourself and others in your life the gift of a more resilient you! Say YES and join us in Melbourne in 2023!