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Is it human nature to resist change until the stakes are so high that we do so out of necessity rather than choice? We often hear stories of significant change when people are faced with a health crisis – the daunting announcement of a terminal disease; for example, the big C for Cancer. Or today perhaps, the big C is for Coronavirus. We hear of miraculous healings as a result of people embracing radical change; we learn of planetary healing as a result of enforced change imposed by a virus affecting the way we exist. Could it be possible that we can pre-empt change and navigate this space more elegantly with the knowledge and tools of those who have gone before us? What does it take for us to collectively wake up, to emerge from our cocoon of supposed safety – this place which for many, is not nurturing as we might expect but rather a place of ‘dis-ease’, stifling our creative passion and ability to shine our light in the world? Could it be our firmly held beliefs that have manifested from our deep wounds that are the obstacles holding us back, keeping us from a life filled with passion, purpose and abundance?

This is my story – a story perhaps no more remarkable than your own but a journey into the heart nonetheless. It is my search for passion and purpose, the challenges I faced, the life lessons, the choices made and the miracles that came into play. From scepticism fuelled by a life lived in the ego, one of suffer and struggle to one of surrender and flow from the heart, this is the divine contrast and my story. You may see yourself in these pages and choose to join me, as we emerge collectively as conscious evolutionary ‘heart beings’.

‘Why Go There?’ is your call to action. We don’t have to wait for a personal crisis or a pandemic to explore the unknown, to explore living consciously. You may feel: why would I want to spend my precious time considering another technique or process that will supposedly make a positive difference in my life? I know, you’re busy, you’ve heard it all before, you’ve tried many self-help techniques, you’ve read all the books and attended all the seminars. I hear you. I had, too. Yet from personal experience I believe there’s possibility in these pages. Possibility for you, if you’re open to it, of feeling called to a new way of being, a new way of be-ing in your life. Is NOW the time for nourishment of your soul? Are you feeling called?

If this speaks to you, make a cup of tea, put your feet up and spend an hour or two with me – I’d be honoured.

Deep Gratitude, Kate.

PS. Here’s the link, download it to your device and access when you’re ready.

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